Advice: If Homeless, Please Don’t Get A New Pet

I often meet homeless people who have dogs, and I am currently living in a tent with my cat. If a person has a home, a solid physical enclosed structure to live in, and they own pets, but then due to misfortunes of life they lose that home, and find themselves homeless, either living on…More

Easy Essays – The Sit-Down Technique

By Peter Maurin On Gandhi Lines Strike newsdoesn’t strike me,but the sit-down strikeis a different strikefrom the ordinary strike.In the sit-down strikeyou don’t strike anybodyeither on the jawor under the belt,you just sit down.The sit-down strikeis essentiallya peaceful strike.If the sit-down strikeremains a sit-down strike,that is to say,a strike in which you strikeby just sitting…More

These people honour me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me

Sometimes when I attend Catholic mass, I can’t help but hear the readings and wonder, “Are these people not hearing the words coming out of their own mouths?” They can literally read in one day, nothing but passages about how important it is to follow all of YHVH’s laws and statutes, and how they are…More

Easy Essays – Teachers, Traders, and Tricksters

By Peter Maurin No Recourse Politicians used to say:“We make prosperitythrough our wise policies.”Business men used to say:“We make prosperitythrough our private enterprise.”The workers did not seemto have anything to doabout the matter.They were eitherput to workor thrown outof employment.And when unemployment camethe workers had no recourseagainst the professedmakers of prosperity–politiciansand business men. Politics Is…More

Easy Essays – In The Light of History

By Peter Maurin The Communist PartyThe criticism of bourgeois capitalismby the Communist Partyis the criticismof Victor Considerantused by Marx and Engelsin the Communist Manifesto.The definition of Communismof the Communist Manifestois the definitionof Proudhonborrowed by Marx and Engels.The technique of class struggleis the techniqueadvocated by Marx and Engels.The technique of proletarian dictatorshipis the techniqueadvocated by Lenin.…More

Easy Essays – A Program For Immediate Needs

By Peter Maurin Social Missionaries A School of Social Studieswould be the training groundfor Social Missionaries,priests, laymen and women.As Al Smith said:“The social problemis not a problemfor politicians,business men,and lawyers.”The social problemis a problemfor Social Missionaries.The task of Social Missionariesis not to help peopleto adjust themselvesto the existing environment.The task of Social Missionariesis to teach…More

Easy Essays – Five Definitions

[The following is an analysis by Peter Maurin of definitions given by John Strachey (Communist), Lawrence Dennis (Fascist), Norman Thomas (Socialist) and Stanley High (Democrat) of their respective beliefs. (February, 1935)] What Communists Say They Believe Communists believethat the capitalist systemhas reached the pointwhere it does no longer work.Communists believethat when the workerscome to the…More

Easy Essays – Why Not Be a Beggar?

By Peter Maurin Share Your WealthWhat we give to the poorfor Christ’s sakeis what we carry with uswhen we die.As Jean Jacques Rousseau says:“When man dieshe carriesin his clutched handsonly thatwhich he has given away.” The Wisdom of Giving To give money to the pooris to enable the poor to buy.To enable the poor to…More

Easy Essays – The Law of Holiness

By Peter Maurin “No man can serve two masters,God and Mammon.”“Be perfectas your Heavenly Fatheris perfect.”“If you wantto be perfectsell all you have,give it to the poorand follow Me.”–New Testament.“These are hard words,”says Robert Louis Stevenson.“but the hard wordsof a bookwere the only reasonwhy the book was written.” In his encyclicalon St. Francis of Salesthe…More

The Chalice Ministry

To live the Truth, To educate with love,To minimize misconceptions, To provide peace of mind. “Silver Chalice, in the nail scarred hands. Drink this His immortal blood and cast aside the shell of mortality. Yeshua, Holy Son, save us now by thy Divine plan.” Morria A part of the Christian Goth Alliance commited to awareness,…More