Adapted by Jack Danyá Kemplin, from an article originally written by Josiah Schmidt for on May 30th 2003 “But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.” Psalm 5:11 What is depression?…More


The Light Side of Goth

Written by Danielle Eternal-Nocturne of Dani’s Gothic Window I’ve been asked the question many times, does a person’s style of dress reflect what’s inside of that person. My beliefs about clothing is this: some people like shopping at the Gap (as an example), they think it’s cool–I don’t but that’s just me. What does dressing…More

Regarding Paganism in Secular Christian Practices

A person asked: “Have you ever encountered pagans who accuse us of killing and stealing there pagan culture and symbols and using it in our own religion. When I was a pagan/wiccan that was a very popular narrative. What’s sad is that there is some truth to it. How would you respond?” My response is:…More

Shir haShirim cHaroset

Why is there charoset on the Seder plate? The charoset reminds us of the hay and mud mortar that the Israelite slaves were forced to use to hold together the stones and bricks of Pharaoh’s storehouses as they slaved to build them. The hardship of slavery is also represented on the Seder plate by the…More

What is Hallel?

When a person begins looking into and trying to learn about Jewish faith, rituals, and prayers, they come across a lot of words and names for prayers that they have never heard about before; and finding out what those prayers are, and what the words of them are, is not always easy because a lot…More

Blessings for Food and Drink

These are short traditional blessings which can be recited before eating different categories of food, be it as a meal or a snack. There are blessings for eating fruits (that grow on trees), vegetables (that grow on the ground), grains, miscellaneous foods (that do not grow in soil, like dairy and meat), along with blessings…More

My Instruction

Sometimes I think about what would happen if I died before I could complete all of the things I wish to complete? I don’t have any long time confidants that are still with me who could complete my work. I therefore often conclude I would need to leave in writing my instructions as to how…More

Yizkor – Rememberance

Yizkor is the memorial service recited for the deceased at several points throughout the year. Not only do many find it to be a moving, emotional experience, it also has the power to elevate spiritually the souls of the departed. Yizkor is predicated on the concept of the immortality of the soul. Although the deceased…More


The Amidah is a traditional Jewish prayer said during daily religious services, and makes up the majority of the service liturgy. Some scholars believe that “The Lord’s Prayer” as taught be Yeshua haMasheiach is a simplified form of the Amidah. I have below created a translation of the traditional Jewish Amidah, removing repetitive parts and…More

Church on The Edge

This dark world is in need of light! We the people of God will do what we have been called to do. We will Be the light to those who are in darkness by sharing the love of JESUS CHRIST.We are called to care for orphans and widows, the poor and the homeless, the lost…More