Jesus Was Gother Than You

Originally created by The ShanMonster in the year 2000, as satire. Though some may consider this crass, it was not meant to be serious, the intent was not to offend, and this should be taken in good humour. I’ve been looking for a saviorIn these dirty streets.Looking for a savior beneath these dirty sheets.I’ve been…More

The Dark Night Of The Soul

By Saint John of the CrossTranslated from Spanish to English by Jack Danya Kemplin in 2009 A song of the soul rejoicing at having achieved Union with it’s beloved, God. Once on a dark night,Burning with love’s ardent longings, I arose(O coming of delightful throws!)And snuck out so no one knows,While all the house lay…More

Wave-Gotik-Treffen a celebration of The Feast of Weeks AKA Shavu’ot and Pentecost

Wave-Gotik-Treffen As Goths, we have a tradition of every year for Pentecost (Whitsunday, Pfingsten), making pilgrimage to Leipzig, Germany, for a large celebration we call Wave-Gotik-Treffen or The Meeting of the Gothic Wave. We travel from all around the world, meeting in this one spot, dressing in our most elaborate and beautiful outfits, and enjoying…More

How to Celebrate Sukkot

“On the 15th day of the seventh month, when you have gathered in the harvest, you will celebrate YHVH’s festival of Sukkot for seven days. The first day will be a high holy day and you shall do no work, and after the seven days, on the eighth day it shall also be a high…More

Should religious materials be copyrighted? I don’t believe so.

Almost all modern translations of the Bible are copyrighted. Many pastors and churches copyright their sermons and images they creator for evangelization. But should they? One of the arguments in favour that they point out is that Biblical scholars and translators need to get paid and the publishers need to earn back that money. That…More

Samana – Restoring Sukkot and the Biblical Feasts to the Gothic People

I believe that when the 10 Lost Tribes were dispersed after the Babylonian exile, that the tribe of Gad (pronounced Goth) went to Scandinavia and later Germania, forming the nation of Gothiscandza, and becoming known as the Goths. Now one may note, “But most of the modern day Goths are not genetically descended from the…More

Leading Others To Lead Others

Written by Jack Danyá Kemplin, based on a homily originally given by Tiavi for Cornerstone 2007, and written by Tiavi Rudow for The First Church of The Living Dead. From The Heart Of God, To The Feet Of The Hurting – Finding Your Purpose, And Living With Passion Introduction: First and foremost we must find…More

See the Unseen – and Endure

Originally written by Tiavi for The First Church of The Living Dead, adapted by Jack Danyá Kemplin. By faith he[Moses] left Egypt, not fearing the king’s anger; he endured because he saw Him who is invisible. Hebrews 11:27 Spiritual sight will give us endurance Moses’ focus wasn’t on the temporal things that this physical realm…More

The First Church of The Living Dead

T.F.C.O.T.L.D. Community Page   Local meetings Now Every 4th Sunday of the month at 3pm, starting in May 2008 at Wake The Dead Cafe 1210 E Eldorado St Decatur Il.. Everyone’s welcome. Upcoming Ministry Events – See What Is Coming up locally and internationally for TFCOTLD ministries.   The Gathering Forum – Forum of TFCOTLD…More