Crowded Prisons: Nation of Convicts

29 April 2015The United States has 4.4 percent of the world’s population, but it houses 22 percent of the world’s prisoners. That is 716 per 100,000 of the national population, the highest in the world. The prisons are therefore overcrowded, often with four or five prisoners per two person cell (Walmsley). Most of the incarcerated…More

A Study on a Confucius Aphorism

15 April 2015Confucius said, “Lead the people with governmental measures, and regulate them by law and punishment, and they will avoid wrong-doing but will have no sense of honour and shame. Lead them with virtue and regulate them through the rules of propriety, and they will have a sense of shame, and moreover set themselves…More

Freedom, A Concept With No Definite Definition

23 March 2015Freedom, a word that means so much, to so many people. People fight for it, they live for it, and they die for it. But what is freedom? What does it mean? And is it truly possible to have it? For individual people and cultures, it can mean something completely different, making the…More

Saving Society With Anarcho-Communism

January 23rd, 2015 Many of society’s problems today can be solved by an anarcho-communist society. Many capitalist countries claim that they and their systems are the best in the world, yet look at all of the poor, and even more than that look at all of the horrible slave-like conditions their economies create in other…More

The Catholic Worker Movement and Anarcho-Communism

January 14th, 2015There is great joy and satisfaction in volunteering one’s life to assisting others. In doing so I have found a fulfillment and serenity which I never could have imagined. Several years ago I became aware of the works of Dorothy Day, an amazing woman who lived her life helping others. She was an…More