Jack Danyá Kemplin is a Gothic writer, artist, actor, and activist living in northern Arizona. He is a deeply devout Hebrew Catholic, and Catholic Worker, and believes Anarcho-Communism would be the best economic system. Jack Danyá Kemplin has an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Networking Technology.

Jack Danyá Kemplin is also the proud father of a daughter born to him and Gabrielle on February 15th 2013—my beloved daughter, Belladonna Tamora, I love you forever.

I decided to create this blog so I would have a place where I can post all of my thoughts, be them about the Catholic Worker Movement, or my views on religion, or on economics and government, or on the Gothic culture. This blog will contain my rants and ramblings, crazy ideas and visions, as well as archive things from other websites which I consider important and want a backup copy on the internet in case the original website vanishes. In the future, maybe people will read this blog and think I’m an inspirational figure, or maybe they’ll read it and declare that I suffered from mental illness, who knows—either way welcome to this journey.