This is an archive of the contents of the Christian Goth website GODSCARE. I will update the sections of this archive when I have time, and some may require their own posts.

“So which is it, God-Scare, or God’s-Care?”
“It’s up to you.”

Lives all alone living in a crowd, to treasure nothing, nothing that they’ve found.

“Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law. And ye know that Christ was manifested to take away our sins; and in Him is no sin.”

1 John 3:4-5

Let him who walks in the dark, who has no light, Trust in the name of the Lord and rely on his God.

Isaiah 50:10

Welcome to Gods care refuge. Who are we? We are the outcasts of main stream society. The Dead, who help the dead, but we live forevermore. A group of friends of an artistic Love. This world is not our home, we are just passing through. We are led by a Spirit that is also not of this world. The Spirit has taught us that there is no freedom or peace in anything; not money, drugs, sex, people, personal achievement, entertainment, religion. Nothing.

Everything is wearing down and nothing makes us happy. This is the dieing world we live in. We lust and war and have nothing. We deem ourselves to be strong and are crushed. We ignore good counsel and become confused, then decide the confusion will be our way of life. Our lives fall apart, terrible things happen, and we curse God and the day we were born for our misery. “Even in laughter the heart is sorrowful…”

Prov 14:13

We are born into a world of hate, fighting to fill the inner abyss. Fighting among each other to feed the lusts, we war. Like hungry worms of earth we slither through our own flesh seeking rest, and find none. The flesh is weak. The wormy and sinful corpse of our own grave. Truly we hunger for love and acceptance, willing even to eat the crumbs that fall from any table. Derisively and ignorantly, we all come to shackles running from perceived rejections, and accept the unloving hand of Satan, cunningly entrapping with his devious words of sinful pleasure and offers of “freedom”.., tempting us… until a decision is made to take in the foulness, to enshrine it and then to be loyal to it. Loyal, until foul is no longer foul; but becomes beautiful and desired. Until all that is really true and good becomes the foul. Until we call evil good, and good evil. And we cannot sleep, unless we have caused others to fall into the same pit we have thus fallen.

And since this time, demon spirits have been free to rape our slaved minds and repeat the lie that we can never turn back to God… not ever. Maybe we could have at one time, but it is now far too late. We have lied, stolen, blasphemed and broken all God’s commandments.

This extreme and prolonged torment in the soul forces consideration of reality. The fear of God flickers across the soul like a burning light, appearing both dreadful and relieving; the flames of hell… but no worry. It’s only a moment and passes… all the words used to dismiss the thoughts of God come to mind: “I hate God because He allows evil… If God exists I can’t and don’t want to keep His Laws… I’m a sinner… God won’t take me anyway, and Satan won’t allow me to turn… but I want to.” We’ve all sang the songs.

But just as once the light did shine, the decision can be made again, and life can be restored to a fresh new start. Not on our own, but with all Gods power driving. God is REAL, and has promised to never turn anyone away anytime, and for any reason ever; who comes to Him by Jesus Christ. Christ paid the sinners debt to God on the cross. We can change, we can live, we can love. Evil spirits are kicked out for good, and so easily; and God will bring back happy days and return a smile inside; the one we knew as innocent children before all the worlds corruption stole it away.

But know this, nobody here is going to judge you or try to change you if you do not love God and own a Bible. That is a job for religious pharisees and “holier than thou” cookie cut church pew warmers. This is no home for self righteous Christians. This web site is for all who have tasted the spiritual powers that be; whether of darkness or of Light. True tasters of spiritual power understand that evil spirits are real, and God is real. Those who toy with evil, and dabble in the occult, but deny it has power over them are just plainly trapped by it’s lies. They can play with the words of the enemy of their soul for only so long, leading them into a destructive path until the day the reaper pulls their card, and the game is over.

GODSCARE will be an alarm clock for those who are dabbling with evil, but think it’s fun and games.

If you are a Christian, welcome; but our music and style may not be for you. We suggest that if you do not already like modern styles of music or the way we look or dress, then do not try to; it’s not for you. If this place scares you, it is not for you. If you cannot love the unlovely, it is not for you. If you feel like you need to leave, please do, it’s not for you.

Godscare is a refuge for freedom of expression of individuality. A place of grace, not legalism and rejection. Words of wisdom are onsite to light the path, not to judge someone walking it. Welcome to all Gothic communities large & small. Welcome whores & whore mongers one and all. Welcome addict or sober, gay or straight, saint or sinner, young or old. We love you.

For religious visitors judging our appearance. The Bible says, “whatsoever is not of faith is sin.” Some religious think that people cannot dress up dark, have piercings or tattoo’s, wear make-up or listen to hard music and other superficial things, and still have faith in God. This is tantamount to saying the cowboy culture, or Indian culture, or any other tribal culture [there are thousands] can’t follow Christ in their cultural style. Yet because people can do these things with faith in Him, we continue to zealously stand, a Christian gothic subculture. However, some liberties are not for everyone. The elders here are sympathetic as well to some Christians who may struggle with departing from worldly scene’s and unwholesome music. For these, Godscare can be replacement music and community. If this is you, and you want your mind renewed; you know what things have been bringing you down, and there are hundreds of Christian goth, rock, metal, punk, alternative, etc… bands that are available to renew your mind to God’s Word. It’s not what the music sounds like that alters the mind, it’s about the Words that are growing in your heart and mind making a difference.

GODSCARE is dark outwardly, but is merely an outlet for True Wisdom. Picture God’s hand with a black glove on if you need pictorial help. Sorry we even have to say that. We help each other here, and people truly are loved and helped. If you are reading this right now and desire prayer or any kind of help, contact us. We WILL do what we can. If you are in bondage to demonic spirits and you know it, contact us. Many will pray, and you WILL be set completely free by the power of Jesus Christ. Hard to believe? Send us a prayer request and find out.

Welcome to

The Truth

Welcome to daily meditation in the Word. Put God first place every visit before moving on. To choose a book of the Bible simply point at it and click. The first page of each book will open in a new window and audio will begin. To browse and choose chapters, click on http://www.audio-bible.com/bible/contents.html.


NEWS UPDATES, What’s going on with Godscare.net, the Christian goth scene & prophetic world news headlines.

News link to keep an eye on Israel

GODSCARE.net NEWS: updated 8/29/07

  • The Godscare team feeds the homeless weekly in the Los Angeles- Santa Monica area. Currently 150 + people a week are being fed every Saturday morning in front of Santa Monica city hall and at Venice Beach Ca, at 9:30 am. Prayer and ministry takes place before feeding, clothing and bible distribution.
  • We also meet once a week for prayer and Bible study in the Los Angeles south bay area. You are invited. E-mail us for directions if you would like to attend our Bible studies or feeding ministry. infaith4u@hotmail.com

*E-letters have been coming to us more frequently for help and personal ministry. We have been responding to these needs as well as possible. Provision is being set up for counseling and prayer. Including a 24 hour 800 prayer and message line, so that anyone who needs a person to talk to in the world can reach us. This is a VERY important step in the ministry to the gothic underground.

*Please pray for us.


*An all new “Skeptic Death” area with dozens of new pages is being created, and can be viewed during construction through The Palace area.

*Our Video Download area is now updated regularly with new video’s monthly and weekly.


*Heaven and Hell tour revamped with new pages and flash areas. Working to make it more 56k compatible. .
*Merch page will be having more shirts with new original art. Also other things.

The Godscare web project costs per year. The way you can support us is to buy our stuff from this site, or make a donation. Make payments with PayPal – it’s fast, free and secure!

Anthony Gober
Scott Davis
Val Scott
Jeremy Waszkiewicz

The Godscare ministry team meets once a week on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm for prayer and Bible study.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and would like to attend, please email us for directions.

PRAYER and Accountability SUPPORT TEAM
Dan Hubbard
Niki Tedesco
Dan Rogers
Scott Davis
Val Scott


GODSCARE MESSAGE FORUM: Post messages and chat with active members of this community.


CHRISTIAN GOTH DIRECTORY. A listing of members of the Christian gothic underground community. Create your own free profile page.


A Maze of secret rooms, the first of which features a Martyrs Museum, Art Museum, Community forums, member pics and poetry.


Our “Skeptic Death” pages will be filled with information about the supernatural Spirit world. It is under construction


MUSIC ROOMS: Hear Goth, Metal, Punk and Industrial bands MP3’s. Also online radio stations, several to choose from.


Freaky stuff collecting here from the web. Beware, things are not always how they appear in the ZONE.


VIDEO DOWNLOAD CENTER: See comedy, music & mini movies.


DOCTRINAL REALM: The Study, home of Articles and Biblical Theology for those who love understanding.


TREASURES OF DARKNESS: Testimonies of radical transformations due to the power of God.


Search the web or add your link to our links page.

The Merch

Bleeding Love

A gilded framed cameo of Jesus wearing crown of thorns, and the words, “Bleeding love.”

Version 1 – Original


Version 2 – Inverted


Version 3 – No Frame


Blood Stain Version

A frameless version of Bleeding Love in red.

“God became a man, Jesus Christ, to save us from our lawlessness. He died in our place on a cross, taking our punishment away. He rose from the grave, king and Lord of love.”


A man with spiky hair wearing a leather jacket, and a shirt with Christ wearing the crown of thorns. The Spiky haired man’s face is a grotto with a lit candle in it, symbolising that he burns from within with the Light of Christ.

“God became a man, Jesus Christ, to save us from our lawlessness. He died in our place on a cross, taking our punishment away. He rose from the grave, king and Lord of love.”

Die To Self

A kneeling skeleton, praying, with the words, “Die To Self.”

Other Items

Godscare decals! These are high quality plastic decal stickers that are weather resistant.

These small decals are free. We want to promote Godscare to the world. Simply write in and ask for them.

2″x 3″ item# F1 Bleeding Love sticker

5″x 1″ item# F2 GODSCARE.net sticker

Larger decals

9″x 2″ item# G1 Large GODSCARE sticker

A large and detailed concept poster for project Godscare is in development.

5″x 5″ item# G2 Bleeding Love poster


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