The Light Side of Goth

Written by Danielle Eternal-Nocturne of Dani’s Gothic Window

I’ve been asked the question many times, does a person’s style of dress reflect what’s inside of that person. My beliefs about clothing is this: some people like shopping at the Gap (as an example), they think it’s cool–I don’t but that’s just me. What does dressing in Gap clothes have to do with what’s going on inside of a person or what it reflects about them? I don’t know, and to be honest I don’t care. I dress in black everyday, I wear my make-up dark, I have a lot of tattoos (inked after I accepted the Lord), I wear a lot of silver Gothic jewelry, I usually have my hair coloured burgundy and black; so I guess you could say I appear to look Goth. I love the colour black, so I wear the colour I love, like most people. God also likes this colour, He clothed a lot of His creation in this colour (some panthers, bears, whales, bats, cats, dogs, reptiles, insects, etc.). He painted the sky during the night this colour too. I’m sure to Him it’s just a colour, it doesn’t make the things He has created with the colour black, evil. It’s people who stereotype that colour, that makes it to be evil, when it has nothing to do with evil. To me, it’s all a waste of precious time and effort: we as Christians should be concerned about much more pressing issues, like people dying each day without knowing the love of Christ–lost for eternity, like teens who cut their flesh because they hate living in their own skin, to alleviate the pain–they feel alone and rejected even from their parents, like domestic violence, people wanting to commit suicide because they hate life, oh this list could go on and on.

Here in western cultures we are so superficial, we look at the outward appearance and harshly judge someone for it before we even take the time to find out a little about that person. Obviously this is not only about Goths, it’s about anyone who isn’t appearing to be the way the majority of society thinks it should be. This is part of the reason why so many non-believers hate Christians with a passion and won’t consider a relationship with God, because there are still some Christians who look down on others for the way they look and thus treat them with contempt. Although it’s not only Christians that do this, it’s also within society, it’s human nature to judge others that look different from themselves, but we aren’t supposed to be giving into our human nature or going along with society. Fear and misconception will cause people to judge and treat others cruelly–This breaks my heart!

Appearance is nothing to God, it’s only what is in our hearts that matters to Him. In the bible (Samuel 16:7b) it says, “But the Lord said to Samuel, …For the LORD does not see as man sees: for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” He desires faith and trust in Him. I look different from other Christians, but perhaps that’s what He wants in order to make narrow minded people confront their way of judging others so harshly to the point of hatred, despising, cruelty; inside of God’s family, inside of God’s house, which is our body. Maybe, He put different looking people together to make everyone decide whether or not they will love each other; after all, He calls us to love one another. I’m not going to try to look like everyone else in order to please a group of people that think it should be a certain way; that’s ridiculous to even think it, and plus I would never succeed, because someone else will think I was dressed inappropriately–I have to be real to myself, as does everyone else.

There is so much more about me than how I look, the outfit I throw together to wear: as a Christian-Goth I have the light of Jesus in me, like any other Christian. I am called to shine His light into a very dark world. We live in a dark time, I’m very sensitive and aware of it, always thinking deeply about this life and the after life, and how the darkness affects me, and the world around me. I’m aware of the wickedness in this world, and in me–sin! I know I cannot hide and deny it’s there, I must confront it in order to not be a part of it.

They say that Goths are known to be sad, depressed people; as a Christian- Goth I may have a different reason for my sadness: I see the brokenhearted, mistreated, lonely souls dying without knowing Jesus; I see the cold-heartedness in this world and how it affects the way people treat one another–I mourn for these things. I am sad because I see my sinful nature, and how my poor choices hurt my Savior, who sacrificed His life for me. I can’t shut my eyes to it!

Absolute: people like to use the word “all” a lot. Stereotyping, categorizing others. Some say, ” ‘All’ of this group, are this way!” That’s the farthest thing from the truth. All people, cannot be all one way, maybe at best some may, but not all! This thinking of absolute is where racism, sexism, and wars start–It’s not right. Can we honestly say, “That ‘all’ women who wear a sari are Hindu.” Certainly not; or, “Everyone from the Middle East is a terrorist.” Absurd; “Everyone who then wears baggy pants, hung low, is a thug.” That’s ridiculous, right? So why then say that all people wearing black or looking Gothic is evil or against God in some way? That’s just so shallow. I believe it’s time we put stereotyping others aside, once and for all, and chose to love each other past our outward appearance. The world around us is not going to get better with everyone hating and judging each other for something as trivial as style–Style has to do with fashion, everyone has different taste. I believe it should start with Christians, to break down these stereotypes within our society, or how are the lost to know the love of God. The only one who is absolute one way is God. He is ALL: loving, just, holy, all knowing, the creator of all, all merciful, having all wisdom, above all, the Almighty–and this black clad, tattooed, Christian Goth loves Him with a passion!

Personally, I am fascinated, as many goths are, with old European architecture, Medieval times, and the Renaissance. I am passionate about the arts, romance, exquisite literature, thinking past the surface of most things, vampires, headstones that reflect the love of the departed; but this doesn’t affect my love for Jesus. I strive to be counted as one of the living-dead! Once I read that Goths differ in their beliefs: I’ve visited a lot of Gothic web-sites out there, and most of them show Goths as being only on the dark side. So I wanted to show another side: The Light side of Goth.

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