Regarding Paganism in Secular Christian Practices

A person asked:

“Have you ever encountered pagans who accuse us of killing and stealing there pagan culture and symbols and using it in our own religion. When I was a pagan/wiccan that was a very popular narrative. What’s sad is that there is some truth to it. How would you respond?”

My response is:

Wicca and other forms of Neo-Paganism date no earlier than the 1920’s and were based on late 1800’s Victorian occultism, which took some Christian rituals and mixed them with inaccurate Victorian misconceptions about pagan practices, along with some carnal Victorian parlour games — and that is how Wicca and Neo-Paganism was created. The truth is that all European paganism completely died out by the year 1,000AD. It is also a myth that Christians persecuted pagans or converted them by the sword, burning, or hanging. Christians /The Catholic Church (because they are the same thing, all Christian churches descend from the Catholic Church) did not persecute pagans; European pagans willingly converted and the Catholic Church (foolishly) allowed them to keep their pagan practices (but thankfully only outside of official Church rituals).

Because originally there was only one religion, and all traditional pagan religions (no Western / European ones survive today) highly resemble that one true religion, because they are just twisted, corrupted, polluted versions of that original religion, which is Judaism. If one reads the Bible, and what God instructs us to do in it: they will notice that God’s religion, Judaism, is almost identical to all of the pagan religions around it; it is almost identical to the Canaanite religions, ancient Egyptian religions, and Greek and Roman religions — not because it copied them, but because they were all corruptions of the original religion of which Judaism is a return to the original religion. Catholicism actually has no pagan elements, but is actually very, very Jewish. If one goes to a traditional Jewish synagogue and watches their religious services, and then goes to a traditional Catholic Church and watches their religious services, the person will notice that they are almost identical. The Catholic Church is the one true religion, Judaism, with the exception that the Catholic Church has accepted Jesus as the Messiah. There is nothing pagan about traditional (Catholic) Christianity.

Now as for unofficial “Christian” folk practices, such as Easter and Christmas as they are celebrated outside of religious services: yes, those are very pagan with their eggs and bunnies, and decorated trees, and I condemn Christians doing those things, as God specifically tells us not to do them, to not do the corrupted practices of the Canaanites and Egyptians. I say, do not celebrate Easter with its eggs and bunnies, do not celebrate Christmas with its decorated trees and elves. Instead, read the Bible, God tells us what His holy days are, and how He wants us to celebrate them. Listen to his Instruction / Torah, and celebrate His holy days how He instructs us to.

The holy days are Pesach, cHag haMotzi, Yom haBikkurim, Shavuot, Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and Shemini Atzeret. God, in The Bible, tells us exactly how He wants us to celebrate them.

P.S. I am aware that with this one post I will offend almost everyone:

  • I have offended all of the pagans by denouncing their religions as inaccurate modern day imitations of religions that are corruptions of the one true religion which is that of the judeo-christian God.
  • I have offended all Protestants (Christians who cannot accept the truth, that they are actually Catholic) and Messianics by my defending the Catholic Church and it having no pagan practices within its official religious rituals.
  • I have offended Catholics, by pointing out that they need to actually listen to The Bible, and do as it says, and return to their Hebrew roots, by following God how He says we are to follow Him — by worshipping him how the Jews do.
  • And I have offended Jews, by saying Jesus / Yahshua is the Messiah, and that Christians should adopt / appropriate Jewish practices.

So one may wonder:

“If you are aware that you are offending everyone: who are you trying to please with these comments?”

The answer is:

“I am just trying to say the truth, and please God YHVH, no one else.

So as for me, as Jesus said,

“They shall throw you out of the religious meeting places. Yes, The time is coming that whoever shall kill you, will think they are doing God a favour.”

John 16:2

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