My Instruction

Sometimes I think about what would happen if I died before I could complete all of the things I wish to complete? I don’t have any long time confidants that are still with me who could complete my work. I therefore often conclude I would need to leave in writing my instructions as to how to complete my work.

As for GotHaven, I have thankfully written a lot about it: it is to be a self-sustainable farming community for the Gothic people and those grafted into them, a place to live without persecution. When I was 13 years old, I envisioned it as being sort of like an Amish or Mennonite community, but with a Medieval, Baroque, Rococo and Victorian Gothic flair, Gothic fashion, music, dance, architecture, books and film. We would use resources, such as electricity, sustainably, similar to how the Mennonites use electricity and cars.

Likewise, due to Goth’s Do-It-Yourself nature, there will be a strong focus on crafts and trades, on dying our own fabrics, spinning our own thread, doing needlepoint, embroidery, knitting, and crocheting, making our own clothing, shoes, and makeup, making our own herbal medicinal remedies, dining wear, pottery, and furniture, making our own music and musical instruments, as well as writing, art, and architecture.

We of course would not be as rigid as the Mennonites; being Goths, we consider individuality and personal expression to be very important, and we have open minds, and do not judge others. Goths are an intelligent, elegant people of good etiquette and manners.

Of course, since all of this was shown to me through an angel, it would be preferable that the community agree to having at least a kosher diet. Thankfully I have written much concerning religion, and diet, including many recipes.

The GotHaven cathedral would look like a combination of Notre Dame de Paris and Chartres, with some English Gothic and Gothic revival influences. It would be for church services, a meeting hall, a Gothic nightclub dancehall, a library, a cinema, and an archive.

The liturgy, some of which I have posted, some of which I am still writing and hopefully will finish writing; but if I do not finish writing it, know that it is to be a mixture of Orthodox Jewish liturgy, medieval Roman Catholic liturgy, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental orthodox, Mozarabic, and original Gothic liturgies, calendars and customs from 300AD to 600AD, and newer Gothic liturgies from modern times. Those liturgies are to be merged and distilled into something that is truly all of them and truly Gothic.

GadSalem is to be anything from a single building to a whole city block, an enclave within a mainstream urban environment, a safe haven for all of the Goths and the outcasts, the black sheep to come to for sanctuary, a place where they can be accepted and feel at home. If from there they wish to join a community such as GotHaven, we will of course transport them from GadSalems to GotHavens. GadSalems are to be like the Catholic Worker Houses of Hospitality, and GotHavens like the Catholic Worker Agronomic Universities and the semi-monastic communities of the Beguines and Beghards.

I have made known my preference for Hebrew Catholic Anarcho-Communism, I have also made clear what I mean by those words. I have also made known what reforms I would like The Church to make.

I would want any who read this posthumously, and choosing to live by it, to remember how I lived, and how Yeshua HaMeshiach Jesus Christ lived, in kindness, following Torah, healing and helping, pointing out hypocrisy and standing up for the persecuted and those in need. Living on little and giving all one can, sacrificing ones comforts and life for others.

Like saints Francis, Benedict, Claire, and Teresa of Avila, these are the Religious Rule of my Order, along with a focus on Bible translation, historical studies, and living the Corporeal and Spiritual Works of Mercy—that is helping the poor and those in need. My Christian Ordination name is Sabbas Ulfilas of The Passion of Our Lord and The Sorrows of Our Lady. Sabbas being my Baptismal name after Saint Sabbas The Goth; Ulfilas my Priestly Ordination name after Ulfilas Bishop of the Goths. The Religious Order I would found would be called Ulfilian or The Order of Ulfilas; if not named after Ulfilas himself, at least after my ordination name. I posted all of this online around 2004, if one looks hard enough, they might still be able to find those posts. Some of my views may have changed since those posts, but I believe that one would find a great consistency going all the way back to when I was 13 years old.

I hope not to pass away anytime soon, and to live for many more years; but just in case I thought I would write this down.

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