Samana – Restoring Sukkot and the Biblical Feasts to the Gothic People

I believe that when the 10 Lost Tribes were dispersed after the Babylonian exile, that the tribe of Gad (pronounced Goth) went to Scandinavia and later Germania, forming the nation of Gothiscandza, and becoming known as the Goths.

Now one may note, “But most of the modern day Goths are not genetically descended from the historical Goths.” That is true, however when studying the history of the words “Goth” and “Gothic”, a person will find that in complex and unexpected ways which both seem completely disconnected while at that same time 100% appropriate, the name Goth and word Gothic go from describing a Germanic tribe, to French ecclesiastical architecture, to fans of Gothic literature, to fans of Gothic Rock in a quite fitting and beautiful way. It is seemingly miraculous how the name of this obscure tribe has survived the millennia and against all odds still is used by a uniquely identifiable people to this day.

We know from the books of Ezekial and Revelation that when Yeshua comes again, during the millennial reign, that there will be no Gentile gate entrance to the Third Temple where Yeshua will sit as Priest-King. There will only be entrance gates for each of the tribes of Israel. That means that anyone wishing to enter must be either of one of the tribes of Israel, or grafted into one of those tribes. YHVH makes it clear throughout the Bible that names are very important to Him, and calling oneself by a particular name is important to Him, that is why He changed the names of several Patriarchs and Matriarchs when they dedicated themselves to Him. Some of the greatest Biblical figures were not originally from one of His tribes, but they were grafted into one of them, going by that tribe’s name.

Even though many of us may not be genetically related to the Goths and therefore the tribe of Gad, I believe that by choosing to go by that tribe’s name, by choosing to be called a Goth (a member of the tribe of Gad), we have chosen to take on that tribe’s Sacred Name, and become grafted into that tribe. We have, by the power of The Name (HaShem), been grafted into His tribe of Gad (Goth) and became His people. We should therefore rejoice, for we, if we follow YHVH and his path, shall be welcomed into one of His holy gates with the name of our tribe inscribed upon it. This is wonderful news. Though history may have declared the Gadites lost and died out, though history may have declared the original Goths lost and died out, YHVH has kept His Word, and rescued His tribe, His people, called us, restored Our name, and is gathering us to Him.

We therefore must look to the history of our namesake, delve deep, and restore it:

Back in 2007 I started celebrating a holy week I resurrected from the history of the Goths called Samana, which I go into detail about in this previous article. Over the years I have grown in my knowledge of the origins of this feast, its true meaning and how it was originally celebrated. I have updated the history section of that article with the information I have more recently found out, but left the description of how I had been celebrating it, as it was, so as to not unhonestly deceive future readers into thinking I celebrated it differently than I had. However, in now knowing to a greater depth the history and origins of the holidays; I wish to make this post, pointing out the ways we can restore Samana to its original form.

Samana was Sukkot, Samana is the Gothic word for Sukkot. Samana should be celebrated as Sukkot is, in the same way but with Gothic flair of course. Thankfully not too many changes need to be made, as the festivals are already so similar; but I am aware that some of these changes will be hard for my fellow Goths to make, as they will be changes to cherished traditions that have spanned thousands of years.

I am sure one of the biggest ones will be the changing of the dates of Samana to one month earlier. King Jeroboam sinned when he changed the date of Sukkot to one month later, it was a decision he made out of greed, hatred for his brother, and desire for division. Jeroboam was placing himself above God, making himself and his hatred for his brother more important than God’s commandments. YHVH commanded us to have this feast on the 15th day of the 7th Hebrew month, and that is when we should have it. I know this change will be a hard transition for us, as we quite love the late October time-frame of the festival. But we can look at this a different way: we are always saying that for us every day is Hallowe’en, and how we wish it came sooner, well, here is our chance to have it come sooner.

I also realise that including so many elements borrowed from modern Wicca was a mistake. Wicca is not an ancient tradition, but a modern day, 1900s, new-age religious movement that originates from late 1800s British occultism, and that many of its rituals do not actually date any older than that. The belief held by so many people these days that Wicca is the religion originally practiced by the pagans of old, is a lie. Very few people were ever burned at the stakes, most were in fact hung, and most of those burned and hung were in fact other Christians. By that time in history there were in fact very few, if any, pagans remaining in Europe. Most of the pagans peacefully converted to Christianity between the 400s AD and the 900s AD, and their traditions and rituals were lost to history, forgotten by the time the printing press was invented. The rituals and symbolism of Wicca date no earlier than 1800s occultism. It was wrong of me to include them in this festival.

Likewise, I am aware that we all love our yearly pilgrimage to Leipzig Germany for Treffen / Shavu’ot, and that Leipzig loves us too. When the historical Goths were in exile to Germania, congregating at a closer location made sense; but now with modern travel, and us travelling from around the world to go there, it would be only right for us to go to where YHVH commanded us to go for these festivals, and that would be Jerusalem. I know this will be quite a change for our people, as we love Germany and Leipzig, we have grown used to it and its beauty; but following YHVH is more important than worldly beauty-we are Goths, we know how to see beauty in unlikely places, I am sure we can do so for a desert, and YHVH promises that once He gathers the people back to Him, that He will make Israel green, wet, and flourishing once more. He will make Jerusalem beautiful to us once again.

As a people we should follow YHVH and his right teachings and path. He has called us, given us a Name most dear to Him, a Name belonging to His people, and we are promised Yah’s Salvation (Y’shua), for he has built us a place with Him, with many rooms, and it has a gate with Our Name inscribed upon it. Yah is Salvation (Y’shua).

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