Advice: If Homeless, Please Don’t Get A New Pet

I often meet homeless people who have dogs, and I am currently living in a tent with my cat.

If a person has a home, a solid physical enclosed structure to live in, and they own pets, but then due to misfortunes of life they lose that home, and find themselves homeless, either living on the streets or in a tent, it is perfectly understandable for them to still have that pet.

When one unfortunately is faced with the prospects that they will soon be losing their home, the first thing that they should do regarding any pets that they own, is to try and find a friend on acquaintance who can house the pet for them, until they can find a new place to live. If however, they are unable to find someone to house the pet, just as I was unable to find someone to house my cat, then it is perfectly understandable for them to keep the pet with them, for the person is like a parent to the animal, and the pet like family to the person.

What I find absolutely unacceptable is for someone who is homeless, who does not currently have a pet, to then get a pet while homeless. If you are unable to provide a stable home for yourself, do not put a brand new pet in that situation, that is animal abuse, that is not okay to do to an animal.

Sadly, I have met many homeless people, who did not have pets, who got pets, usually dogs, while they were homeless. I have even heard some homeless people encourage other homeless people who did not have dogs, to get a dog, saying, “Wow, you have been on the streets for quite a while now, you should get a dog.” I understand why they think that way, they view a dog as protection, and companionship. But again I must stress, this is not a tool, it is a living being, do not intentionally put a new pet in a homeless situation, that is animal abuse. I promise you, you don’t need that much protection, and a dog will not give you that much protection. I have been homeless with my cat for 6 months now, no one has even attempted to harm me in any way. If you have people attempting to harm you, maybe that’s a sign to you that you need to be a better person and not make so many enemies. As long as you follow that advice, you won’t need a dog for protection, and as I said, a new dog is not going to provide as much protection as you think.

If you are a homeless woman, I recommend you get for protection, instead of a dog, either pepper spray / mace, or a gun, but be aware that often times the other person can take the gun away and shoot you with your own gun, so I recommend pepper spray / mace.

If you are homeless man, I recommend that you man up, don’t be a coward, and be a kind, considerate, polite, friendly person, and don’t start fights. Trust me, you don’t need a dog for protection.

In 2020 at my House of Hospitality, I took in a homeless man in his 20’s. Within a week of staying with me, he said to me and the others living there, “I want to get a dog.” I told him what I said above, informed him that a shelter is not a stable house for a new pet, and told him, “If you get a dog while homeless, you cannot bring it here, I won’t allow you to put a new animal in that situation in my house—so don’t get a new pet.” The next evening, he returned with a Rottweiler. Being as he completely disregarded my words, I reminded him that the dog was not welcome in my house. He then loaded the dog into his car and left. Less than a week later I was told that animal control picked up the dog and euthanized it. So all because he selfishly wanted a dog, that poor thing was dead within a week; that was very unfair to that dog, he should have heeded my advice and waited until he had a stable place to house the pet.

So please I beg you, if you care about dogs, if you love dogs, if you love pets, don’t get a new pet while you are homeless, wait until you have a stable new apartment or house before you get any new pets.

P.S. due to being busy, it took me three weeks to write this. During those three weeks, my cat passed away due to stomach cancer. In case any of you are wondering, no I am not going to get a new cat until I have a stable place to live with a house.

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