Goths For Jesus

Goths for Jesus is an alliance of Christian Goths. We exist for two primary reasons: To spread the love and the message of Christ to others in this culture, and to provide a gathering place for like-minded Christians to edify, encourage, and fellowship with one another.

Our Mission

To join together in showing the love of Christ to a lost and rejected generation, eliminate stereotypes and view all as valued individuals, as well as provide a place of refuge and hope for those who refuse to conform to the mainstream.

History of G4J:

Goths for Jesus was founded in March of 2003, and a website was created as a source of information on Christianity and Goth culture, and as a meeting point for other Christian Goths.

In the following months, G4J developed more of a focus on evangelism and fellowship, reaching the lost and being a source of encouragement for other believers.

In 2004, the url was purchased and the Proboards forum was added, making it much easier to meet up with other Christian Goths.

What We Believe:

  • GOD is omnipotent (Job 42:2), omnipresent (Ps 139:7-10), omniscient (John 16:30), and completely holy and sinless (I John 1:5).
  • There is only one GOD who manifests Himself co-eternally as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost (the Trinity) (I John 5:7).
  • GOD the Creator of all things (Gen 1), originally created the universe and mankind perfect (Gen 1:31).
  • Mankind, through Adam and Eve, fell into sin (Gen 3).
  • Our own sin put mankind by default under GOD’s judgment (Rom 6:23).
  • GOD, out of His love for us, came in the form of Jesus Christ (Col 2:9), being fully GOD and fully man (Isa 7:14), to die in our place, taking the punishment for us (John 3:16).
  • Jesus Christ rose again on the third day (Matt 28:6). Forty days after His resurrection He ascended to heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father (Acts 1:3-11).
  • Jesus Christ, being our perfect LORD and GOD (II Peter 1:1), was the only One able to take the penalty for us (I Tim 2:5).
  • All we have to do to achieve this gift is believe and accept the gospel message as outlined above. Belief and acceptance is the only way to achieve this gift (Eph 2:8-9).
  • As Christians, we have forgiveness in GOD’s sight, and Jesus Christ’s perfect righteousness is assigned to us (Rom 3:22).
  • There will be an intermediate state of consciousness between death and the judgment (Heaven for the righteous, Hell for the unredeemed) (Luke 16:19-31). At the resurrection, the Judgment will take place. Judgment for the wicked includes eternal punishment in the lake of fire, however for the redeemed is eternal paradise (Rev 20:11-15).
  • GOD has revealed Himself through His Word, the Bible, which is perfect and error-less in its original manuscripts. The Bible is also our final authority in all areas of life (II Tim 3:16).
  • Jesus Christ will return one day, very soon, to establish His Kingdom and to reward His servants according to what they have done (Matt 16:27).


As of now, Goths for Jesus is developing programs to help connect Christian Goths and to bring a message of hope to the underground scene. One of these programs is:

The Tenebrae Project

“Tenebrae,” which is Latin for darkness, is the area that we hope to pierce with the light of Christ.

When this project is in full-swing, we will be able to effectively encourage, train, and equip Christians to evangelize, share their faith, and disciple others. We plan to host evangelism seminars and training programs, and aim efforts toward showing the love of Christ to Goths and Punks in clubs or where ever they may be found.

Our Stories

Jackie’s Testimony

I was raised in a semi-religious family, and we went to church… The first memory of church was in a meeting hall at a nursing home. I was playing with toy snakes during the service. I later found out the pastor was asked to leave because of a disagreement with the church board. Fastforwarding to age 12, I recall when my dad was a drunk. He was healed of it when a tornado passed over our house. He was passed out in the bedroom while we my mom and sister where in the living room. We were in a house church of about 10 memebers. I was being convicted because I was starting to rebel against my parents. I struggled with cursing and other bad things. At age 14, the house church disbanded and my sister started to go to an Assemblies of God church. By then, my dad had gotten saved, and my parents started praying for me. My dad talked to the youth pastor about me, and he came to my door a few days after wanting to talk to me. I was busy sleeping at 5 pm. I told him I might come the next Sunday.
I did several times, and then attended a Wednesday night youth service. The pastor preached on salvation, and I went to the altar and said the sinner’s prayer. Up until then, I was interested in roleplaying and “Magic the Gathering”. While I never really did follow any other religions, at the time I did enjoy shopping at stores like Hot Topic (which I now think is just a wanna-be punk store) and other taboo things.

So, I had finally gotten “saved.” The concept was nothing new to me…I was enjoying reading authors like Robert Jordan, and I was highly interested in studying the Bible. One day, the youth pastor was preaching on the Holy Ghost and the baptism of the Holy Ghost, which really captured my interest. I started to pray for that and for God to show Himself to me. Well, He didn’t at all in church, so I went out and got in my sisters car–and then it hit me. God’s Spirit flooded me and broke down all the walls I had put up around my heart. I remember crying for two hours or so, and I’m not even the crying type. I continued on in church, learning and going through different struggles including love and lust, sexual sins and backsliding. I have questioned my faith in God and even today I am still figuring things out.

I started to help the youth pastor with running sound equipment in the youth service and God has blessed me with all kinds of music to play for the services. Currently, I am 21 years of age and I am not sure where God is calling me next, but now we are starting to have some “punk” kids in attendance–I feel God may be calling me to stay in youth ministry for a while longer.

Jokina’s Testimony


I thought I was saved and tried living my life like a Christian without God’s help. It did not work. I soon started looking in other religions for what I was looking for. I practiced magick, worshiped Isis the Egyptian Goddess, had a small ability to predict the future, and lived somewhat according to the writings of the Tao Te Ching.

I soon fell in love with a guy and gave him all I had of myself, sex was only part of it. I would sit around forever waiting for him to call. Everything he said was important to me. I was also struggling really badly, spiritually. Satan was ready to totally claim me as his own, but God did not give up. On July 27, 2004, I found Christ at night on the porch of a gift shop at church camp. I bless God today for sending the man who helped me see God’s love.

The road has been bumpy, but definitely worth it. One thing’s for sure. Life without Christ isn’t worth living. With Christ, you have a reason to be here on this earth. You’re a somebody in God’s eyes. He loves you. Don’t like it? Better live with it, ’cause He will love you no matter what you have done or what you will do. God loves you!

Josiah Schmidt’s Testimony

I grew up in a very religious family. My father has done pastoral and chaplaincy work for most of his life, and my mother has taught Sunday school. I grew up knowing about God, Christ, and the Bible. Heck, I was a pastor’s kid. How could I not have?
But several years ago, I learned something that changed my life. I learned the true meaning of Christianity. Something piqued my curiosity about this whole “God” thing and somehow, I found myself eagerly studying the Bible. I knew in my heart that something was amiss, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I found myself fascinated with the words and prophecies of Jesus Christ.

Suddenly, I had a great epiphany one day as I was reading the Bible. If Jesus Christ is truly the Living Lord of the Earth, if His words are true, if there really is a Heaven and Hell… then it would be completely illogical not to live for God. I believed that the Bible was true, and so the obvious conclusion was that the only way I could make my life worth something was to live completely for Christ. If Christianity is true, then the wisest choice I could possibly make would be to sell my life out completely to God. And so I did.

It was also at that time that everything began to make sense. The reason why Jesus came to earth. The reason why He died on the cross. The meaning of salvation. It was at that time that I began to understand that Jesus Christ was not just crucified because He was a social deviant…He was crucified to take our punishment so that we wouldn’t have to.

As far as my affinity for Goth goes, this was a very casual development that evolved throughout my teen years. In 2003, I decided to create a ministry that would reach out specifically to those involved in the Goth / alternative subcultures…that ministry was “Goths for Jesus”.

Eventually, I also decided that God was leading me to do missions work. I now plan to go into missions work overseas in China as well as ministering to alternative teens in the United States. Now that I have tried following Jesus, I have found that there is nothing more satisfying.

In the words of the famous hymn: “I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back. No turning back.”

Kae’s Testimony

My name is Kae Lunde, and I reside in Indiana. My main interests are music, and art. I became a Christian at 4, though didn’t really understand what it meant to be a Christian until I was 14, a year when my faith was really tested. My appreciation of art and nature has grown because of God, because I see the universe as a piece of art, and can only be the work of my omniscient Adonai.
I do not claim to be goth. I am labeled this by the stereotypes of wearing black clothing and fishnet, but I don’t take on stereotypes. God tells us to come as we are, not by what we wear or what the world thinks we are. I have one view of what goth is, which many people here share, while the world has a different view. It became difficult to explain, so now I just don’t. As long as they see Christ in me above all things, that’s all that matters.

Kristi’s Testimony

My life has never been filled with alcohol and drugs, nor street gangs and violence, but up until December 6th, 1998, my life wasn’t filled with Jesus Christ either.
I’d grown up in Clare, MI and had attended Eagle Church of God since I was born. My parents were very involved with the church, and that particular night there was a WCSC meeting being held at my house. The speaker was Linda McCartney. She was a pretty lady who was a sign language interpreter, and who played the violin. However, at my mere 10 years of age, her musical talent wasn’t what caught my attention. It was her love for Christ. Seeing as how I’d grown up in the church, I’d heard about peoples’ “love for Christ” ever since I could remember. For some reason though, on that night, I heard more than some lady’s life story. I heard Jesus calling to me. In fact, that night, it was almost like He was screaming at my heart.

Half way through Linda’s story about how she’d been saved, I knew, that that was the last night I’d ever go to bed without having Jesus Christ as my Personal Savior.

Finally her lesson came to a close, and she asked, “How many of you here know, that you know, that if you died tonight, you’d go to be with the Lord, because you’re His child?” And, at that point, I couldn’t raise my hand. I didn’t know that I’d go to heaven. In fact, after her lesson, I’d realized that I’d end up in the exact opposite place… Sure, I believed in God, but that was as far as I’d ever taken it. In my mind, up until that night, I’d thought I was a “good person” and somehow God and I had an agreement where as long as I went to church, and prayed occasionally, He’d let me into Heaven, without my having to commit to anything. Now I knew I was wrong… very wrong.

The lesson had hit me hard though, and I knew that that certainly wasn’t the case. Being a “good person” would never save me. Linda had made it very clear that it was only by Grace that we may be saved. Not by works, not by church attendance, and not by luck. Jesus died to give us all a chance at the salvation we’d never been able to obtain on our own. I knew that at that point, that I needed Jesus in my life more than I’d ever need anything. He loved me, and died for me, even though I didn’t deserve it.

Finally she said, “If anyone here couldn’t raise your hand, and you’d like to become a child of God, please raise your hand now.” And, I did… Linda asked us all to bow our heads, and then we prayed. For the first time, I asked Jesus into my heart. I asked him to forgive my sins that He died to take away, not because I deserved it, but because He loved me. As soon as I was done praying, a feeling came over me that still amazes me. I felt so loved, and accepted… so forgiven. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Christ had come into my heart, and that He’d never leave me. I also knew, that I could, and would never leave Him. Even though I’ve had my high and low points during my Christian walk, just like everyone does at times, with Jesus, I’ve made it through them all.

Christian Goth Poetry

“Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.”

Ephesians 5:19


By Jenna 2003

It’s the hissing of ‘Satanist’ behind your back
The crimes they say you’ve done
It was never like this the time before
To all of them you meant none
It’s the sneers and the smirks you get
Things they say you believe
But you can reach down, deep inside
And forgive them…
My God lives inside of me
I want that all my life
I’m faced with trials every day
And His way is to deal with strife
I’ll never turn from You my Lord
I need you to help me see
The way from hatred every day
And for you to console me

Mortal Prison

By Michelle Houser 2003

Oh, mortal shell that I wear, trapped within its prison cell.
How long I for the freedom of immortality,
the open flight of Spirit
far beyond this mortal world.
Long have I sought in vain for this freedom of the Soul.
Long have I sought to find this joy for my mortal self.

Who shall free those trapped within the prison of mortality?
Who shall journey this world filled with dying mortals,
yet walk immortally?
Who shall unlock the chains of sin and doubt, that bind all within this mortal shell?

A Holy Son, born of mortal woman and Divine Father.
He shall break each chain and bar of our prison cell.
For though He walk in this mortal world and died a mortal death,
Death its hold could not keep,
Sin its stain would not hold,
For the Divine Father chose to restore this His immortal Son.

Silver Chalice, in the nail scared hands,
Drink this His immortal blood
and cast aside the shell of mortality.
Yeshua, Holy Son, save us now by thy Divine plan.


By Josiah Schmidt 2003

The sound-it rang throughout the air, which raised upon my arm the hair
I knew that music all too well, the death song of a funeral
At his scream I dropped in prayer, my soul pervaded with despair
Imaginations running wild, and nauseous I recall
Pain so heavy on me piled, I could not rise at all

I mustered all my strength and rose, and gazing o’er the brink exposed
A scene so ghastly harrowing I could no longer hold my view
My Lord assaulted by their blows, they madly stripped Him of His clothes
His form so marred and smeared with blood, His face I hardly knew
Watching helpless without pow’r and nothing I could do

He rested there upon the wood, while dogs encompassing Him stood
Crimson lifeblood streamed onto the bare and rocky sand
Open wounds to requite good, He granted them do what they would
And cried out as a child while rusty iron pierced His hand
Such depravity of ‘people’ I just could not understand

Lifting him up to the sky, I saw my Jesus heave and cry
His diaphragm began to give out, robbing Him of air
Raised above the earth so high, I could not stand to watch Him die
His thorny diadem unleashing blood into his hair
I turned away and wretched to see my Savior hanging there

But then recalled into my mind a reminiscence once confined
‘The Son of Man will be betrayed and killed but He will rise’
Alas, could I have been so blind to providence in this assigned?
Payment for salvation under crucifixion’s guise,
Christ’s blood as an offering, ascending to the skies

I did not know just what to feel, to weep and mourn or humbly kneel?
To think the King of Kings would take the wrath of God for me
By His stripes I had been healed and by His tears I had been sealed
His crushed and mangled body hanging hammered to a tree
To think the Lord of Lords would take the wrath of God for me

Final Peace

By Josiah Schmidt 2003

The cool breeze whispers
A dim sky quiets all else

A screaming from within
That can’t be heard at all

Darkness making the world its shadow
A spirit being strangled by pain

The setting sun unwavering in its descent
The last hint of sunlight disappears

Death settles in
Agony put to peaceful rest

A soul delivered into the hands of a loving Father
Never to thirst or mourn again

Rest in peace.

The Love of God

By Josiah Schmidt 2003

The song of angelic lullabies
Heavenly harps and soothing lyres
The love of God enshrouds a soul
A mind at peace, a heart made whole


By Josiah Schmidt 2003

I closed my eyes tight
And let the tears flow
As I felt the cold iron
Through my flesh go

The rough, splintered wood
Ripped the skin from my back
The last nail entered
With a spine-tingling crack

The guards gripped the wood
And lifted me high
I hung on the cross
I knew I would die

I was the second one
To be nailed to a tree
There was one yet more
To make the count ‘three’

I looked down in pain
To see the third man
With a crown on His head
And sweat in His hand

There, He collapsed
Barely able to breathe
They mocked Him and adorned Him
With a thorny, round wreath

I am the murderer!
I am the thief!
That man is innocent,
Deserving no grief

They plucked out His beard
And whipped Him with glass
Beat Him ’till He bled
And fell to the grass

I looked in His eyes
He returned the stare
No regret in His gaze
Just blood in His hair

I knew I deserved it
But I still hated them so
Yet the third man forgave, saying
“They do not know”

I could now understand
And I forgot my pain
I cried out in sorrow
As they struck Him again

I watched in horror
As He lay on the wood
The guard produced nails
To pierce and draw blood

Life flowed from us freely
We could feel death’s jaws
Three men being punished,
The third for no cause

I heard Him scream
As they nailed Him down
I cringed in heartache
Hearing the sound

They lifted Him up
Beside us two knaves
I looked at Him mournfully
The other ranted and raved

A sinless man hung
Between two men of trouble
I called Him ‘Lord’
While the other was ignoble

I repented of my life
I believed He was God
I regretted my choices
Through sin I had trod

But I was astonished
When I heard Him say,
“You will be with me in Paradise,
By the end of the day.”


By Josiah Schmidt 2003

Blood dripping from wounds
Inflicted by dogs
Pain ripping at a soul
Undeserving of evil
A heart being pierced
A heart that dies for the enemy
Forgiveness coming by three nails
And two slabs of wood
Iron death
A death meant for a murderer
Iron death
A death given to a lamb
Peace delivered unto us
Delivered by the pain of God

Dear God

By Thomas Bourque 2004

Dear God, my faith is lacking
My doubts are gaining power
The stone inside is cracking
Hour upon hour

With faith so strong and full of joy
Heal my wounds and enrich me
Send your spirit to fill my heart
And with your love surround me

I feel so down and empty
I think that this is why
I wholly need your help
In faith until I die

Thank you God
For all you’ve done
Through you alone
Can this be won

Quies Noctum

By Thomas Bourque 2004

Quiet Night, upon the din
Swallowing up the brightest sin
Take from me the pain within
Let your peace come breezing in

Quiet Night, with darkened setting
Let me sleep in peace, begetting
Solitary-silence, absent of fretting
So filled with emptiness of evil’s netting

Quiet Night, I sit with you
I seat myself, far from the feud
Of bickering, bustling people who
Don’t stop a moment to see what’s true

Quiet Night, I’ll remain here
Until the dawn of day comes near
Until the new and anxious fear
Comes back to me to hold me dear

Unknown Destiny

By Thomas Bourque 2004

Walking further into my core I see the store of olden lore that lies behind my mind’s door. Yet, I see only pieces, fleeting traces of the purpose of my life. The darkness surrounds all but this area. To not enter here is a thought much scarier, than living out life not knowing my character. Existing, not living, just being an actor, who knows not his lines for lack of the script. Who may as well from this life, be stripped. I circle this room entombed inside. Peering here and there through the windows from outside. What am I to be? What am I to do? What am I to see? Where is the clue? The Lord has a purpose for my life, but what is it? Inside that room is where I must visit. I’ve tugged at that door too many times to count, but it keeps up it’s guard of that vast amount of personal data that I must review. Isn’t there some way that I can undo, this rigid, deep-rooted vault-like impasse, that blocks my entrance, stifles my progress. Inside that library of my life-long destiny, lies my purpose, my meaning, the man I’m supposed to be. I haven’t been able to cross the threshold, of that wondrous, wisdom-filled chamber which holds the key to discerning the mystery I own. The answer to the puzzle. The solution I’ve not known. How long will I journey? Weeks, months, years? I don’t know the answers, but I must persevere.

Empty Silence

By Kae Lunde 2003

I hear them screaming,
The voices not seen.
Yet I hear nothing,
Just silence, solitude, and me.

I know theyre there,
I feel their piercing eyes.
Though they seem invisible,
Off their tongues come silent lies.

Im falling fast,
None can hear my cries.
Darkness is to the extent that
Im not sure if open or closed are my eyes.

Suddenly I fall into strong arms,
Around me they embrace.
I look up out of the darkness
And look into His face.

A face that loves
And chases away pain.
A face that heals
A heart once slain.

I hide under wings
Of silver and gold.
A being that took me in,
Young but also old.

I caught His eye,
Compassionate and mysterious.
I see His unfailing power,
And his humbleness glorious.

I relax in His arms,
In a void of creation.
He is greater than anything,
Beyond any explanation.

I whisper praises to Him,
So He alone can hear me.
I remain in His arms,
In silence, but no longer empty.


By Kae Lunde 2003

I thought You were wrong, I wouldn’t change my mind.
I guess I just didn’t want to listen, my life was mine.
I knew You understood, but I wouldn’t let You see my eyes.
I hid who I was behind a sinful disguise.
I wouldn’t accept who and where I was at the time.
I stood in my mental state and wouldn’t come over the line.
I was doing things my way, I’d be where I would land.
“I know it’s not true, but You dont seem to understand.”
I was alone in life, I couldn’t straighten out.
I felt very cold, I might’ve started to doubt.
I knew something wasn’t right, and obviously so did He.
One day, I came to Him, crying on my knees,
“My God, my God, I’ve been living a lie!
I knew You understood, but Your compassion I wouldn’t buy!
I understood nothing, though everything I knew,
Take me back, I strayed from You, Jesus, and on my knees,
I beg You, take me back, please forgive me!!”
At first I expected Him to tower over me, and harshly put me down.
Oh God, I thought, here it comes, lightning coming down
He’d reject me, I thought, He’d not even say goodbye.
I quivered before His feet and wouldn’t look Him in the eye.
Opposite of what I thought, He too got on His knees
Right there before me and suddenly threw His arms around me.
“My child, I love you, I’ve cried because you’ve sinned.”
Then standing back with blood running down his head, “your sins are forgiven.”
His precious blood shed for me, new life to me He had given,
And since then, with a new personality, crazy, saved, Forgiven.


By Kae Lunde 2003

Golgotha is the place where Jesus was slain,
He took upon Himself the world’s suffering and shame.
Roman soldiers beat, hit, and whipped His body.
Oh, to hanging shreds they tore apart that body.

He could’ve stopped it all, yet have fallen into sin,
But He let the whip fly and shred His skin.
He stumbled half-naked with a splintered cross on His back
With a trail of His own blood dripping in His tracks.

They used long iron nails and a hammer of lead,
“Not a bone shall be broken”, is what the Lord said.
He hung on the cross and the people did say,
“Blessed is the man who died here this day.”

He died for you, for me, and the list will never end.
Your heart, life, and soul He shall surely mend.
He rose from the dead in 3 days, alive and well.
For all the world to spread and to tell.

He’s calling for you, but are you listening?
He wants to be your loving King.
His free gift of eternal life is yours for the taking.
The decision is yours for the making.

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