Black and light

post from Sorted’s agony aunt, Jojo Meadows

An event that caused a stir was the Gothic Eucharist, which took place in the Aspire Venue. A choir called nChant, all dressed in black, led the worship and engaged with the 400 people who turned up. Despite being an ‘outsider’ on the surface, I wasn’t treated this way at all. In fact, I was very much included in the beautifully mysterious gothic worship and communion.

The worship consisted of a deep tribal drumbeat with a medieval chant that brought shivers to my soul. I started to come alive, stirring up dark things that I had suppressed, bringing them to the fore so that I could reflect upon and deal with them.

Skye Denno

The main service was led by Skye Denno and three assistants, having been written by Skye’s husband Joel. Their intention was clear as they talked with passion and zeal about their convictions. The talk was based on the four elements: fire, water, earth and air and each priest took one of these elements.

Three readings took place and the communion table sat prominently in the middle of the room. Various ‘alternative’ representatives from around the country helped to distribute the sacraments to symbolise unity. Everyone was treated equally, whether they presented themselves as ‘traditional’ or ‘alternative’.

Pennie Ley, who participated in the prayers during the communion, explained how much support and love she and others had received. Friends and family of Sophie Lancaster (who was tragically murdered six years ago after defending her boyfriend from a group of people who were taunting the pair for dressing differently) regularly attend to remember who Sophie was and to celebrate her legacy.

Surprisingly, after optional baptismal vows were offered, followed by the ancient tradition of sprinkled water with rosemary, one girl stepped forward asking to be baptised properly. She wasn’t disappointed.

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