When Charity Backfires – What The Homeless Are Most in Need

We are of course thankful for any donations people make to charity; however, like anything, too much of anything can be bad, and focusing too much on one problem is neglecting other major problems. Sadly this applies to giving to the homeless as well. When someone donates to the homeless, most think of donating old…More


God knows our hearts; but do we know his?

Has one ever noticed how when a person is claiming to follow God, but is treating people poorly and starting fights, how they often say, “God knows my heart!” Indeed he does; but do they know his? “God knows men’s hearts” is usually not a very positive sentence in Scripture. And I will kill her…More

What does Scripture tell us to do during a pandemic?

For the past few years, there has been a severe pandemic. In the United States there has been quite a debate as to whether people should wear masks covering their mouths or not, and whether or not people should quarantine themselves. Within American media it is normally portrayed as secular progressive leftists promoting mask wearing…More

Selling Your Soul

by Jack Danya Kemplin Back in the heyday of the Satanic Panic, adults would often warn children, “Whatever you do, don’t sell your soul to the Devil!” An age old warning as dramatised in the story of Faust, later loosely adapted into the film Bedazzled and its remake. In media this is often depicted as…More

Glorious Undead Church

The Official Glorious Undead Church website. We are a Christian church based in London UK doing our best to live in a Christ like way (see Mark 12:30-31). A lot of us are involved in our local alternative music scenes (rock, industrial, punk, hardcore, metal, goth, rockabilly, acoustic etc.) but there are no prerequisites !…More

RandomGoth’s sanctum

Archived from November 18th 2003 Greetings friend thou hath done well to make it thus far. You have reached the inner chambers of my sanctum. Rest and make thyself at home, It is not often that I have visitors within these walls but I am lonely so i beseech thee tarry awhile and explore my…More


This is an archive of the contents of the Christian Goth website GODSCARE. I will update the sections of this archive when I have time, and some may require their own posts. “So which is it, God-Scare, or God’s-Care?” “It’s up to you.” Lives all alone living in a crowd, to treasure nothing, nothing that…More

Journey Through Heaven And Hell by GODSCARE

This is from the Christian Goth website GODSCARE.net. The website no longer exists, and sadly many of the pictures originally included in this were already gone by the time I saved it. Due to that, most of the heavenly images are missing – I apologise that due to that the Hell section has far more…More

Blaspheming The Holy Spirit

In Mark 3:29 Jesus says, Whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; they are guilty of an eternal sin. Because of that, people often say, Isn’t our God an amazing God who forgives us of all sins save one. Do not blaspheme the holy spirit. Praise God!!! But then we must ask…More

The meaning of following the spirit of the law

It’s a phrase we hear those who claim to be Christians say all of the time, “Follow the spirit of the law, not the letter!” But what does that phrase mean, and are they misusing it? In fact, are they using it in the opposite way as to how it was truly meant? When one…More